Why Weight?

I weighed Ellie.
I weighed an undergraduate at the University of Manchester.
I weighed a global harp career, playing in embassies, cathedrals and weddings for audiences including the Clintons, Barbara Streisand and David Walliams.
I weighed bow seat in MUBC Woman’s VIII.
I weighed a 10k PB.
I weighed a family.
I weighed friends.

Now, I weigh 22 years, and Anorexia.
Kg, bpm, kcal.
My Eating Disorder ate me up and left a statistic.

#whywait to weigh enough to be too much.
#whywait to diagnose and treat Eating Disorders: the mental illnesses with the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illnesses.

It is the end of Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018: let it be the beginning of a conversation, and the beginning of change to how we all manage the weight of Eating Disorders.

More awareness will throw time, money and attention behind healthcare services and education.
Awareness will throw weight at the wait: the 6 month gap between diagnosis and treatment must be filled out.
Families who witness these illnesses assaults must be given the support to manage the side effects inflicted on their own mental well-being,
Sufferers must know they are never alone, and that it is #oktosay .

I am lucky.
I was diagnosed and treated immediately. My clinic is a 45 mins car journey.
I am now 2 years into recovery, and have the constant (often undeserved!) support of everyone around me.
This should not be luck. This should be the norm.

Our postcodes are not sorting numbers. Everyone deserves swift and effective treatment, wherever they live – or survive.

I will not be including any pictures of me and Anorexia.
If you really want to, you may flip through any photos of me in the last 10 years: she was always there. Between BMIs 12.8-20, she was always there.
We just didn’t know what to look for.

#whywait until then?
#whyweight ?

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