I do not wish to relive the turmoil of the last two months here.
Instead, I’ve picked out some little things that have helped me through it.

Every evening I write down 3 good things that happened Today. Then that day can be put to rest, and all it’s moments with it.
Here are some of the good ones …

“I saw a live badger.” – 7th October 2018
“I was voted in as Opinion Editor for the Student Newspaper.” 11th October 2018
“Someone held a door open for me” 15th October 2018
“I slept well last night” 17th October 2018
“Singing “Be Like Him” in Gospel choir gave me goosebumps” 19th October 2018
“I brought Mummy some flowers” 25th October 2018
“My vegetable crisps were in one piece at lunch” 30th October 2018
“My nurse has died her hair pink!” 31st October 2018
“A nice stranger and his dog helped me during an anxiety attack. (I now want a Tibetan terrier!)” 5th November 2018
“Clean bedsheets” 6th November 2018
“I ate a toastie!” 8th November 2018
“The feeling of a brand new hairbrush mmmmm” 13th November 2018
“Wore some lipstick to uni” 14th November 2018
“Had the best evening with Lottie” 15th November 2018
“I got a job at Anthropologie” 16th November 2018
“Coldplay came on the radio” 20th November 2018
“I really love my Mum and Dad.” – everyday.

One day, maybe Tomorrow, I will look back on Today. By then, all the bad stuff will be a blip.
Unless I’ve injured myself.

What a feat.

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